Thursday, 8 September 2011

No place like home!

I'm finally home and can use my blog and not just waste people's time with a blank blog. ;)

If u read my first post you will know that I went to Argentina for a rugby tour, which wasn't really the best of tours. Argentina looks a lot like central JHB (or a better description would be it looks like crap). Almost every person in Argentina has a dog meaning the streets  are covered in dog crap (fun, not). The people there can't really speak Eng meaning if you go there and you can't speak Spanish you will have a hard time buying things and ordering food. Things aren't very cheap there and can be found cheaper in a lot of other countries like RSA.

On the tour we played 3 games:
25-5 (lost)
30-0 (lost)
7-5 (win) this was actually the strongest team we played against and its the only game we took serious.

When I was there the thing person I missed most was my girlfriend I was only allowed to SMS her twice per day and while I was gone it was our 6 months (that day I missed her most).

Now to end of with a short joke:
Chuck Norris once ripped a page out of Facebook.

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