Saturday, 27 August 2011


Hi people this is just a short introduction.

My name is Christopher (Chris for short) or Chip (I have a lot of weird nicknames given to me by some awesome people), I am actually Afr (Afrikaans) so I'm not good at spelling but I'll try my best. I come from RSA (South Africa for the blond people). I come from a very big family with about 30 cousins but I'm not very close to them.

I wasn't planing on starting a blog but my amazing girlfriend basically begged me to 'cause I keep reading hers and she doesn't like me doing that. I will basically blog about anything I think is funny or cool. I will only be able to put up about one post every two three weeks but it will probably be long and funny (I like making people laugh). The next two weeks there will be nothing new 'cause I will be playing rugby in Argentina [so excited 8=D], I'll tell u about it when I get back.

That's all for now.