Friday, 16 September 2011

Just a few things..

The sadness :(
My parents finally sold our beloved house at the dam (Vaal dam is best) and we have been moving our stuff out over the last month (I hate moving, especially away from suck a cool place). But on the bright side I'll have more free time at home and in one year we're getting a new dam house 8=D.

First I'd like to say that my teacher decided make me feel all crap like would be very funny (just 'cause my average dropped a few percent). Then she goes and gives me homework for the weekend as punishment (how dare she), which I obviously won't do seeing as I don't like homework (What normal person likes homework?).

Secondly I'd like to point out that (according to some tests I did) my average is supposed to be in the 90's but I only get 70's, which just makes the teachers crap me out over and over again (they have no lives), can't they just leave me alone for once. If I don't want to work hard I won't.

Something about sport.
 I've been playing rugby since grade 1 and loved it but now I'm stuck with a very complicated decision and might as well ask for help on this decision. I have to choose between playing rugby (which is hurting my back and neck a lot) and playing hockey (which looks very fun) but I'm really not sore what I should do. Any advice?

For the fellow gamers.
If you do not have a Call of Duty in your stack of games then you suck and should really make a plan (Modern Warfare 2 is my favorite), if u don't like action then get Sims 2 or 3 its quite fun.
I'm not the most creative person in the world so if you have any ideas for my next post please let me know.

Short riddle/joke:
What has eyes that can't see, a tongue that can't taste and a soul that can't die?
(answer will be given in 2 or 3 days)

Monday, 12 September 2011

A few annoying things!

Somethings in life are just so damn annoying and irritating (but sometimes funny). Especially when it comes to one of the things I love, electronics, they are so damn fun to use until they stop working or brake.

20 things that annoy/irritate me (in a random order):
1) Crying babes on an airplane.. Don't put babies on a plane they don't like.
2) When my stupid phone doesn't want to work.. I have a BB and it keeps freezing (but I do drop it a lot).
3) When my PC troughs a lot of error messages on the screen even though nothings wrong.. (I need my PC working 24/7).
4) When people on BBM just stop replying.. (At least say bye).
5) When my friends try and see what me and my girlfriend talk about on BBM.. (I don't do it so why do they).
6) When my 13 year old cousin can't sit still for a minute.. (He keeps jumping on me).
7) Dogs barking in the morning.. (I need my sleep)
8) My parents using me as an IT-guy.. (They think i know everything about PCs)
9) Starting school on a Friday.. (Couldn't the school just wait).
10) Not being able to find food when your hungry.. (I eat a lot).
11) Only seeing your girlfriend once every week or two.. (She lives next door).
12) Not having internet.. (Very common in this area).
13) A slow PC.. (I can't stand waiting for thing to open on the PC).
14) BBM not sending.. (What's the point of BBM if it doesn't work).
15) Not being able to post very often.. (I'm a very busy person).
16) Being the only rugby team in school not to win the Beeld finals.. (Its a very important league. We did win the Golden Lions finals).
17) When my mom takes my money.. (I need my money).
18) Having a DVD player that can't play your DVDs.. (What's the point of that?)
19) People saying I'm mean/scary.. (I know I can be mean, but scary. How am I scary?)
20) People interrupting my privacy.. (A closed door means STAY OUT)

That's all for now 8=D

No wait. Short (old) blond joke:
Q: Why was the blond fired from the banana factory?
A: She threw out all the bent ones.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

No place like home!

I'm finally home and can use my blog and not just waste people's time with a blank blog. ;)

If u read my first post you will know that I went to Argentina for a rugby tour, which wasn't really the best of tours. Argentina looks a lot like central JHB (or a better description would be it looks like crap). Almost every person in Argentina has a dog meaning the streets  are covered in dog crap (fun, not). The people there can't really speak Eng meaning if you go there and you can't speak Spanish you will have a hard time buying things and ordering food. Things aren't very cheap there and can be found cheaper in a lot of other countries like RSA.

On the tour we played 3 games:
25-5 (lost)
30-0 (lost)
7-5 (win) this was actually the strongest team we played against and its the only game we took serious.

When I was there the thing person I missed most was my girlfriend I was only allowed to SMS her twice per day and while I was gone it was our 6 months (that day I missed her most).

Now to end of with a short joke:
Chuck Norris once ripped a page out of Facebook.

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Hi people this is just a short introduction.

My name is Christopher (Chris for short) or Chip (I have a lot of weird nicknames given to me by some awesome people), I am actually Afr (Afrikaans) so I'm not good at spelling but I'll try my best. I come from RSA (South Africa for the blond people). I come from a very big family with about 30 cousins but I'm not very close to them.

I wasn't planing on starting a blog but my amazing girlfriend basically begged me to 'cause I keep reading hers and she doesn't like me doing that. I will basically blog about anything I think is funny or cool. I will only be able to put up about one post every two three weeks but it will probably be long and funny (I like making people laugh). The next two weeks there will be nothing new 'cause I will be playing rugby in Argentina [so excited 8=D], I'll tell u about it when I get back.

That's all for now.